The year was hectic but a success! I had big plans for this year, did not accomplish all of them in the extent I wished but some I just rocked!

Home: My goal was to get organized and with this I participated into the 2014 challenge – 2014 items gone by the end of 2014. Well, I almost made it: total of 1647 items were gone from our house! That is a lot and I can really feel it! Will still get rid of few items in few weeks once someone gets them (couch, kitchen table plus 5 chairs…), so I call it 1654 items! SUCCESS!

Family: The idea was to spend quality time together with the kids and hubby, as a family. We did have few trips, visited camping sites, had walking trips and played outside a lot. The kids really developed during this year so no long is the quality time spent sitting on the floor but now the kids enjoy active life. I love that I do remember thing we did together from this year, something that I have lost before (due to bad sleep, not scheduling time for this etc.). To me, the goal was ACHIEVED.

Relationships: I wanted to concentrate my attention to three person in my life: the hubby, my mom and my dad. With hubby we did have more dates together than before, not as often as I had wished, but this was a good start. I did spent time with mom as monthly basis and as my dad finally moved to the same town with us, I got to spend more time with him too! I think this goal was ACHIEVED too.

Me: My focus points for this year were: to read more books (I started going to library and actually finished many books this year!), start to exercise (I started running and ran a half marathon in time 2h 19 min!!!), sleep more (ok, I did this even too much, if a normal state would be 8h/night, in a year I’ve slept almost 100 over hours :D) and to pamper myself once a month (after Spring I kind of stopped doing this, need to improve!). If all this was combined, I’d say that for this goal I ROCKED!

Oh how much it brings me joy to write all this down, to see that I did some great things this year. I really feel like I’ve achieved great many things and improved not only my own life but the life of those I love most!

It’s been a great year, let’s see what the year 2015 brings along!


Have a wonderful New Year 2015! 🌌

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