Lately my mornings have become really busy and I’ve started to look for ways to automate my mornings.

I came across some months ago “project333”, that advices to pick (in total) 33 pieces of clothes and accessories, and use that set for three months. As I’ve started to learn how to become minimalist, I immediately loved the idea.

Then on one morning I noticed that I was wearing a really ridiculous set of clothes. Not only had I combined colors  weirdly but the cut of the clothes just did not match. And it’s not that I have that many clothes but when I picked up those pieces from my wardrobe, I obviously had not had time to take a look into the mirror until it was too late (I was already at work).

At that moment I decided to create a wardrobe, from which I can mix and match basically anything. I went through my clothes and accessories and divided those in to two piles: ones I want to wear now and oned I don’t want to wear so much now. There was no discard pile as I had done that just few weeks ago.

I put the other pile back and narrowed down the clothes and accessories into 33 pieces:


4 x t-shirts (basic black, blue, red and red blouse)
4 x long sleeved shirts (basic black, blue with long collar, red sweater and beige/black long sweater/dress)
3 x cardigans (two blacks, other is warmer and one gray)
3 x jeans (blue, red and black)
1 x skirt


2 x leggings (red and black)
3 x bags (small, medium, big)
5 x scarves
4 x shoes (work shoes missing)
2 x jackets (lighter and warmer missing)

The “thing” for this wardrobe is scarves.

I have not included in here my glasses (though I do sometimes wear contacts), rings (never take off) or earrings (really rarely change these at the moment).

In addition I have a bonus category: dressy dress, where I have the dress, high heels and one set of jewellery.

(Exercise, lounging and sleeping clothes, or underwear obviously not included.)

At first I thought that it would be really hard to make versatile outfits from this set and I initially had less scarves and shoes (and did not include jackets), but then I actually created digitally the outfits and noticed that I actually could leave few shirts and include even the jackets in this 33 pieces!

To make the mornings even easier, I actually digitally made all the possible outfits I could think of (that were wearable and matched) and ended up with around 60 different outfits! I divided those around the three months I’ll wear these and for the days I didn’t have outfit ready, I picked my favorite outfit and copied it.

So now I have printed and taped a paper on my wardrobe door that has one week of outfits readymade in it, for the next 2,5 months! Couldn’t be any easier!

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