So, in November…

I had my birthday! We went to eat, to bar for one and to a movie (The Maze Runner, liked it) with hubby. Had a nice date 🙂

Then I was sick and totally lost my voice.

I had a trip to another city (seminar and cocktail party after that). It was fun!

Then I was sick again, with a bad flu.

I went to a kids concert with the little Sir, and the trip confirmed it. He’s not so much into music, but we did have a great time together.

The hubby also had his birthday, and the cake I made for him (recipe according to his wish) was a total failure. I was so annoyed 😦

And then I was sick again, with worse flu.

And that was the month. Dark, wet and fluish month. Luckily the birthdays and trips made it bearable. I think I ran maybe twice. Being sick sucked (all my energy) and I just couldn’t do anything!

Better ending for the year (is coming)!

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