I’ve been dreaming on doing some scrapbooking for years, after our wedding even bought some supplies for that. But just couldn’t make it. Takes too much time, cannot do it while the kids are around, not to mention how the supplies are expensive and take lots of space!

Then two weeks ago it hit me. Digital scrapbooking! Why didn’t I think about it earlier???

I’ve come across “Project Life” many many times but now I actually started to think I could make it too!

It bothers me so much that I have baby books for both of my kids but I haven’t filled those in over a year… I have so many pics on my phone but I do not make paper copies of them. I have so many memories I have lost, so many funny things I have forgotten…

Next year my plan and goal is to make a sheet, one for every week.

As I need to practice on producing pretty sheets, I did my first tryout about a date night we had yesterday:

date night

Not as pretty as I’d wish but this was the best I could do while the little princess was sleeping and little sir watching kids tv…

Nut not too bad either, huh? 🙂