Omg, it’s been two months since my last blog post! Somehow the fall has just gone by so fast!

So in September I did something awesome I’m so proud of and still feel good. I ran half a marathon! And exceeded even my own expectations 🙂 2h 19min!!!!

That definetily was the highlight of my fall.

After the marathon I kept two weeks free from running and after that have been running short distances only twice a week. As the mornings have grown dark and wet, I don’t run in the mornings. Instead I’ve grown into a habit of doing a short yoga and meditation sessions before anyone else has woken up. Definetily does some good for my mind too!

And we had some unfortunate event as the hubby is now unemployed. So I go to work by bike instead of car and get a good dose of exercise from that.

I’ve continued reading and visit the library at least once a month. Kids love going there too!

I’ve gone through our house for second time now and donated a lot of stuff to Red Cross. I feel so much lighter and have gotten so many compliments from friends and neighbors about the order we have in our home. I have to admit, I’m proud of this accomplishment, however, I always tell everyone that it has taken the whole year! Did not happen over night!

What else? My monthly beauty treat still has not happened… I’ll try next year this again… I’ve spent some time together with mom but haven’t had a date with the hubby… Tough it’s not so bad, as the kids go to bed early also during weekends, we have always time for a movie and cuddle in the sofa 🙂

I can’t believe it’s November already! We got some snow today and the kids were so happy about it! Too bad I had high fever and couldn’t go out to enjoy the beautiful weather with them today. But winter is here!

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