Oh July just flied past. I had a flu (again!), kids had runny noses and I missed few runs. But I kept few days off to use my over hours and was able to do quite a lot at home.

So I didn’t run as much I planned to and because the weather has been soooo hot, long runs have been quite hard.

But I did manage to finish going through the whole inside of the house and have now everything organized, yay! We also had a good start on the garage too.

I had a lunch together with the hubby and we took that as a date. I also spent few hours together with mom in sales.

And finally I got back to reading, I visited the local library with the little sir and loaned three books which I have almost all finished! Even the little princess lets me to read for a while nowadays 🙂

I didn’t go for any beauty treats but I made a decision to pay off the rest of my student loan this year, so I’m using the beauty money for that now.

All in all the month was hot, ok in terms of productivity and quite normal.

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