June went by so fast! I had a fever and it took two weeks to recover from it and the little lady was sick too. Towards the end of the week I slept badly but formed a new habit during the weekend: have a daynap with our little sir!

Even though I had two weeks of no run, I’ve started to notice myself the effect of running four times a week. Not only am I getting faster but my body starts to get fit, even though my weight hasn’t changed!

A friend of mine had a graduation party and I was out the whole night! Had so much fun but the day after taught me that this time was probably enough for the rest of the year 😀

At home I finished my organizational goals, soon I’ve gone through the entire indoors! The garage has blown up so I really need to spend some time in there this summer!

I didn’t manage to have one-on-one time with my parents or hubby. I also didn’t read or have any beauty treats. The month really seems to be over before I really realized it had begun!

But we did have few nice local trips with the kids, went grilling and chilling 🙂

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