I read few articles about YNAB this year but didn’t think it was for me as I’m not in the US.

Then two weeks ago I came across to it again and gave a deeper look. I watched the intro videos and decided to give it a try (no, it isn’t meant for US recidents only!).

The idea of having this easy four rule budget that would save my sanity was so tempting that I downloaded the free trial. Quite obvious rules but oh so hard to actually execute in real life!

I budgeted my current money and watched some more recordings. I budgeted the money I’d have next month and watched some more webinars. I deleted all my forecastings and re-budgeted the current money I had. One future budgeting target I left there, to buy YNAB once I’d get my paycheck!

I was tempted to enter ALL my transactions from this year to it to see what had went wrong, why have I been so stressed about money this year. I watched some more videos and realized that the money I’f had was gone anyway and there is no point to live with the money that had already gone. Only thing I could do was to pay more attention where I’d spend my money from now on.

Now I’ve been keeping an excel sheet on my budget for three years, so I’ve always known where my money has gone. But too late. I’ve made budgets to buy things with only a certain amount of money, but then I’d have 50e more in my account, so I’d spend it too!

Just to make my brain function clear, I think I earn my money and money is meant to be spent. Of course I have some savings but beyond that (for me and for the kids) but every other cent is to be gone. Not that there wouldn’t be targets to spend, I earn just enough to live comfortably with roof on my head (with big mortage) and food to feed me and my family. I do not have enough money to buy new clothes every month, but when I’ve had that “extra” 50e, that’s what I’ve done.

Anyway, now, after two weeks of using YNAB, I’m in the point where I have a reasonable budget for myself and for our family to start with. I have an app on my phone which tells me how much I can spend on what each given time. My plans have changed but for the first time I don’t feel quilty about it. I have started my buffer money saving AND will soon have paid my credit card debt! All this in two weeks!

And all this has cost me 0e, thanks to the free trial! I’m quite rarely advertising anything that you cannot get for free but the profit from this budgeting program exceeded my expectations by 1000%!

So I decided to buy it. Once I’d have the money (in one week). Especially that it is at the moment in summer sale!

Then on this very morning I attended to one of the webinars they do every week (got up at 5am for that!). And it turns out they give away one lisence after each webinar! And I won it!!!! I felt like a winner! Oh no wait, I was one!!! 😀

30e for my buffer! (It’s on sale.)

But I’d still buy it and would recommend everyone who has some issues or anxiety towards money or budgeting. I even heard on one webinar that if you’re struggling and after the 34 days don’t have the money to buy the software, they can extend it for you.

And if you’re a student, you can get it free until you graduate.

And if you’re just a normal person, the program is in summer sale NOW, AND I got a code with which you han cut it still few euros (dollars, whatever)!


Please note, I have not had any requests from YNAB to give an review of their software. I want to let you know that in case you do use the discount from me, I do get $6 (the same amount you’ll get off). So win-win! Then YOU can do the same thing! 😉

Just wanted to share this post immediately so you could take advantage on the sale price and my discount!

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