Ok, so as I didn’t spend the whole day off in the kitchen, I drew my attention to the hallway. In the actual hallway (which leads to the bedrooms) we have the cleaning cabinets. Close to the entrance we also have cabinets for clothes, and a tiny space between the front door and inner front door (sounds complicated but I don’t know which other way to explain it) with cabinets there too (I know, we do have lots of cabinets, it was one of the reasons we bought this house!). In this post I’ll show you the cleaning cabinet and then in the second the space between and in the third the entrance cabinets (where I did the biggest job).

So the cleaning cabinet is actually designed to contain the vacuum cleaner and other related stuff. There is a small cabinet in the closet, which has a key and there we keep the most poisonous cleaning stuff. I had this cabinet in a pretty good order, I just changed a bit the location of the shelves to have a better functionality. I put the buckets and dusting things low so that the kids can also reach those. Cleaning agents are up in a container (so that I can pull the container out to reach what I need) and in the upper cabinets we have some tapestry and paints (leftovers from the previous owner, but usable still) and candle things (which I love!).

Just some re-organizing, but now this space is also so much better!