This month felt like decently productive month. I got a energy spike and almost finished organizing two bathrooms and washing room. I sold few things and managed to declutter quite a lot.

I’ve run quite a lot and signed up for half a marathon!! So I started to train for that, not that I’d run faster, my goal for this fall is the distance, not the time. One more great thing is that my working place decided to support the excercise of our people, and will pay the costs of the marathon event for all who wanted to participate to it!

We finally had “a date” with the hubby, we went for a party to another city and spent a night in a hotel, without the kids! Great weekend!

I spent one evening with my mom too but with dad I couldn’t find time to be just the two of us.

I didn’t go to any beauty treatments or read much (instead, I ran!). I did manage to sleep enough and spent time with the kids.

All in all, I really liked this month. Also, summer came!

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