In april I managed to organize the bedrooms as I planned. I got rid of few items and didn’t buy much.

I started running and I’m excited about it! I’ve never run before, at the moment I jog/run about 18 km a week (on three days) and goal for 20 km/week at minimum, 100 km a month would be great! I didn’t go to any beauty things as I bought running gear. As in last month, I haven’t read anything because I’ve been too tired. I didn’t get enough sleep but luckily during the easter holidays was able to sleep and refresh.

I didn’t have a date with the hubby but we booked a hotel for next month and will be away for one night, just the two of us 🙂 I didn’t manage to spend quality time with my mom or dad, unless you count the hour and a half we were together as we washed her windows.

We had really nice quality moments with the family, we spent lots of time outside and went grilling on few days.


It was a really good month, not too stressful, I got excited on something new and had a short vacation during easter. And the weather has been amazing, spring is here!

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