So in the last post I showed you the before pics, and after pics of the room. Now it’s time for the cabinets.

We were missing some shelves, so the hubbie made few extra ones so that I could maximize the use of the cabinets. I moved all the clothes on one side, all the big and small (latter to be sold/donated, now totally full!) to the other side  and in the middle I have the bed sheets, blankets and kids crafts stuff (before all random stuff).

Above I have the “hidden toys” (again, the ones that are going to be presents or are not in play at the moment, we every now and then refresh the toys in active play, and take away the ones that are not favorite at that time). I also have one cabinet dedicated for the “keep” stuff, things I want to keep for future (grandchildren or just memories).

I bought those hanging shelves where I put the clothes for the kids ready for the upcoming week. When they get older they can just go and grab clothes from one shelf. It also makes the mornings easier for us too, as we don’t need to try to figure out what to put on to the kids, but can just grab the clothes and go.

To maximize the usage of the shelves, I also bought baskets for the clothes and labelled each basket for different clothes. No more clothes hiding behind other clothes, or mixed up clothes.

This took so much time to finish, but I’m happy. In the last post I’ll show you the little decorative stuff I have in the room 🙂