The kids bedroom was one of my goals to get organized during March-April. The challenge was to be able to go through their room, as I couldn’t have the kids around at the time. The little lady would drag all the clothes all around the house and the little sir I didn’t want to see the “hidden toys” (new toys that are going to be present at some point or the toys that are not in use at the time).

In our house the kids bedroom is literally bedroom. There is no room for play and there are no toys to play with. The room is small and is full with the two beds (or a bed and a crib) and a small table (earlier a drawer I moved to the office).

Here are the before pictures, not bad but not good enough either. The cabinets in the room had stuff that were not used there or were not kids stuff. Quite a lot I moved into the office while I organized that room. One wall is still missing something, but as we are going to quite soon change the crib into a bigger bed for the lady, and I don’t yet know what kind of bed (bunk bed or loft bed as we already have one bed) it’s going to be, the wall remains empty.

The change in the kids bedroom was not as drastic as it was with the office. The biggest organization happened behind the cabinets, and I’ll show you those in the next part 🙂

(This is the after pic.)