I love grocery shopping. I love exploring the new products and really like to compare the differences in price, quality and nutrients.

But I hate to do all this if I don’t have the time for this.

I’ve done the one week shopping list for our family for years (even before the kids). But now that the days are just so busy, going for grocery shopping has become a real stress. Already the day before I’ve started to feel down that the next day I need to “waste” my time on grocery shopping!

Then I found it. Online grocery shopping! There’s a shop in our town that not only collects the groceries but also delivers those! And it just happens to belong in the bonus system we use.

For a bit under 6e they collect and deliver our groceries and every day needs. The prices are slightly higher on some items than in the big grocery shop we usually use, but in total we have cut our grocery bills quite a bit!

As the gas is ridiculously expensive, I think the 6 e is almost covered already by me not needing to leave by car anywhere! Not to mention the two hours more time I get on that day! No longer carrying the grocery bags in and out the car, unloading to the cashier and in the bag. No more waiting in the lines…

But the biggest save comes when I make the grocery list. I get to see the price immediately and no longer buy extra stuff I come across in the shop. I also can easily compare the different prices and stats, and easily swich for the cheaper brand. I also get to see the final cost which helps me to cut back on not the so necessary items.

There are still few stuff we can’t get from this e-store, but it has really helped our life so much! Grocery Shopping gone easy!

Oh, and if you want to check if you’d have the same opportunity (in Finland), go to foodie.fm. (this was not a paid ad, and thanks dear friend for correcting the link 😉 ).

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