Somehow March went by so fast! I can barely even remember what I’ve done! We all had a flu and I had to stay home on few days. But here are my goal progress for March:

Home: During March I didn’t do much decluttering. Instead I reorganized the Home Office (see the series) and started to do the same thing to the Kids Room.

Me: I didn’t go for beauty salong this month as I bought new glasses!
I also haven’t read anything this month, I’ve been too tired! It’s been a hectic month at work too and I’ve had to do some over hours… But the sleep part has gone well, I’ve slept the 8h/day, some times even more, though some nights have been keeping me awake, the little lady isn’t still sleeping peacefully every night…
The month didn’t start well on exercising either but at the end of the month I started jogging and to my surprise liked it! I’ve tried it before too when I was exercising on a regular basis. Didn’t like it that time. I go too fast and just am not able to slow down enough. This time I downloaded slme music that has a specific beat and it helped me to go slow enough, so I jogged 3 km!!! I’m so proud of myself! Now I just should buy jogging/runnung shoes, the ones I have now are 10 years old if not more and not meant for running…


Family Time: We’ve kept the sundays as family days. On lne weekend we went to a grilling place by a lake and had so much fun! But mostly we’ve been home 🙂

Relationships: No dates this month. My dad moved here so he’s closer to us but I want to give him time to settle down before asking my mom&dad as babysitters. After all, they are already looking after the little princess on weekdays (she’s not at daycare yet). I hang out with my mom on one day when I took her for grocery shopping into a big shop. We sat down for a while for a cup of coffee too. As my dad just moved here, I haven’t yet had a change to do something with him. But we actually already made plans to go for a lunch together soon!

So not a bad month but could’ve been better. The flu took much of the energy of us. But the Spring is starting and the sun is up for a longer time now and I really can feel it!

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