Cleaning the house is definetily a challenge when you have a small kid, let alone many of them! If they’re too small to Really help or to understand the importance of cleaning, cleaning can be really frustrating! You’d just want to finish it asap but they keep coming on your way, interrupt all the time or just cry if (when) you are trying to focus on something else (like the phone! cleaning).

On one weekend it was just so bad. Usually the kids love vacuuming with dad and in the meantime I clean the bathrooms and dust. Just in time for them to get bored on vacuuming, I’m usually finished and can distract them while the hubby finishes vacuuming. But not on this weekend.

I had just been in a flu and wasn’t still fully recovered, and when I’m sick I get ridiculously tired and cranky. The little lady had missed me a lot during the week and just wanted to be on my lap. If I dared to put her down, she started to cry. My mind just couldn’t handle the crying but I really wanted to get over with the cleaning (if I don’t do it in the morning, it won’t happen).

Luckily I had the solution right in my hands! Our baby sling!


So I got her happy. Obviously the little sir lost his interest on the vacuum cleaner abnormally soon and was hanging on me before I had finished my cleaning routine.

Luckily he is already “big boy” and can accomplish some chores, so I gave him a rag and told that the cabinet doors in the bathroom needs to be wiped (actual task scheduled for this day). Well he isn’t so big yet that he’d be able to really wipe the doors, but it kept him busy long enough for me to finish the toilet cleaning. And then we finished together the door cleaning.


By that time the little lady got hot in my back and wanted to wipe the doors too (with a dry, clean rag) and we all were happy to finish the cleaning for the day. Win win.

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