So the weekdays are hectic but for my luck I have two days a week I don’t need to work, leaving me with extra 8 hours!

The basics are the same during the work days and weekends. I still have the 24 hours, of which 8 hours goes to sleep, leaving me with 16 hours.

During the weekend we eat all of our meals (breakfast, lunch, coffee break and evening porridge) at home, which takes about 3 hours in total (preparing, eating and cleaning up), leaving me with 13 hours. We do a bigger cleaning during the weekends, including vacuuming etc and maybe some organizing or decluttering. This takes about 2 hours, including the daily chores, leaving me with 11 hours.

So then the rest of daily routines, being the dressing up and hygiene, takes about 1 hour, leaving me with 10 hours. The little lady sleeps about 2,5-3 hour naps and meanwhile I usually watch some kids movie with the little sir to have some calm moment too (he doesn’t have naps at home anymore). I usually do some blogging or internet surfing on my phone at that time too. So after this quiet time I have 7 hours.

As the weekends are family quality time, we go outside with the kids or have some indoor activity in case of bad weather for about 2 hours, leaving me with 5 hours.

As I have no extra time during the working days, on weekends I want to have enough flexibility for the stuff we want to do. That can be going to the mall, visiting friends or having guests. Or working with the household projects. We also watch movies with the hubby during the weekend after kids have gone to sleep. Five hours for all this is good amount of time.

From this hour break down I’ve learned that during the weekends I can do more than during the work days, however, there’s so much I would like to do but again I do not have more than 24 hours a day. I should try to relax more and not try so hard to finish big projects over one weekend. I should use the five hours more wisely, maybe exercise, read or play with the kids, at least on the other day from the weekend.

Now that I’ve recognized the place of improvement, I’ll try to do something about this. Five hours a day, ten in total in one weekend. That is a lot! I shouldn’t spend it all into different kids of tasks I’ve listed for myself. If I’d take 1 hour each day for myself to take care of my health (now I haven’t left home for a month anywhere else than work and I have started to notice how it has an effect on my overall mood), I’d still have 8 hours for everything else.

That was worth of thinking about! 🙂

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