I have always loved to have green flowers in house but haven’t managed to get most of them to survive. Either I’ve forgotten to water them, watered them too much or the cats have eaten them.

Last summer I decided that now that we have only one cat and a new home, AND I have a list of chores where I could add the plant watering, I would get the greens and improve our air in the house.

I bought some plants, matching pots and flower tables. I knew not all my choises for plants would be good and some wouldn’t survive the winter with minimal light, but the ones that would, would be the right plants for our home.

Surprisingly many did survive so it was time for the second challenge. Changing the soils.


So I took the plants from their plastic pots, took as much of the old soil away from their roots, put a piece of paper at the bottom of the plastic pot (so that the soil won’t leak out from the holes) and replanted the plants in fresh soil. I divided few plants to have more of them and changed only one plant into a bigger pot.


I gave the flowers a good shower from a spray bottle and let them dry for an hour. Then I put them into the ceramic pots and back in their place. Gave them a good amount of water and let them be. Few are still drooping but most are looking good. Lets see!

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