And finally the finishing touches. I like beautiful things but I hate dusting. So I don’t have many decorative stuff as I tend to be really lazy on dusting, and if I can’t access somewhere easily, I won’t get there. I hate moving items around to be able to dust, I want to be over with it as soon as possible, as it is one of the least favorite things of mine to do.

We used to have some picture frames on the shelves but they are always on our way, either when fetching some book or when dusting. So I hanged the pictures on walls and put only some decorative stuff on the shelves.

My mom gave me this old glass jar, and I put a candle in it and made it Spring/Summer themed. I also have an owl (bought from our first trip abroad together) on our study books and another small candle holder, which you can see from the part 3 post. On the other side of the room I have a plant and another old jar from my mom. I wish to have more plants in the office, I just need to cut some branches from the ones I have in our living room and root those…

I also did some fine tuning on the folders, I printed some nice labels and put those on instead of the regular, boring ones.

I am also planning to change the curtain into a one that darkens the room totally (same thing needs to be done for the bedrooms too), maybe change the carpet and add more kids pictures to the walls. But those are just fine tuning, now the room is ready for use!


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