So in this post I’ll give you a closer look to our bookshelves. As I told in the first part, we originally had one big bookshelf which had three sections. I split the big bookshelf into two pieces so that I was able to put them on the other sides of the room. I ended up with four extra shelves. Good thing with this bookshelf is that it can be modified in so many ways, so I’m going to keep the extra shelves for later years.

On the other bookshelf I have the kids books at the bottom two shelves for them to be able to reach them easily. The bigger kids books are down and harder to get and the ones they like to read now are at hand on the second shelf. Then I have my baking magazines and our household folders. I didn’t put these to the filing cabinet shown in the last post as these are used regularly, and well, they couldn’t fit there. I also have a small plastic container for the kids cd’s.

Then I have our RPG books and character sheets etc on one shelf. And the top two shelves has our study books with some funny exceptions (Tolkien and Grimm Tales). Those just fit there well and added (to me) a funny detail if you really start browsing our books 😀

At the top of the shelf I have two boxes, one for decorative stuff and one for empty notebooks.

On the other bookshelf I have the cabinets I described last time, and on the shelves I have our printer, scanner and the hubbies drawing mat. Then I have our fiction and non-fiction books, and on top again two containers. One for the electronics and one for empty folders.

I don’t think it is well visible from the pictures but I’ve organized the books according to topic and color 🙂

It is amazing how well all the stuff fit in the two bookshelves, instead of the three we had before! In the next part I’ll show you what magic the hubbie did for the cords in the computer desk!