In this post I’ll show you how I organized the hidden stuff, meaning the things that are behind doors or in drawers. As I mentioned in the first part, I wanted to reduce the amount of storage to stop things piling up in the office. I also wanted to limit the hidden stuff, and then again hide most of the folders etc. that aren’t so pretty to my eye.

As we took away the small drawers under the desk, we needed a new place for all the pens and other small office stuff. I took the small drawer from the kids room to the office, as it was not effectively used in the kids room. We moved the small desk to the kids room, so they could draw and do small crafts there.

To the bottom drawer I placed all the gift bags and to the second lower all the gift papers and ribbons. To the third drawer and the top two smaller drawers I put all the small office stuff. To keep things organized, I bought some plastic baskets and categorized the stuff according to their use in the baskets.

For the pens I put all in one basket, but grouped the similar ones together with rubber bands.

On the top drawer I’ve put a kitchen silverware organizer that was lying around unused. There will be the pens etc that are in use.

Then I have two cabinets in the other book shelf, and behind these doors I’ve hidden the boxes of things that will need their box still sometime. The black thing in the corner is our camera in its own backbag. It also has one big plastic container, that has some random stuff. I’m not yet sure if it’s going to stay there or not, maybe it would be good to have it there, so we’d have one random box, which could be easy to go through and get rid of stuff, but then again it is again one of those spaces that gets disorganized and filled with random stuff… We’ll see.

The cabinet also had some grown up games, or games for bigger kids. On the top there are my laminating stuff, the hubbies cd’s and dvd’s, and an extension cord for the printer and router. And the router. I’m planning to add “an inner” shelf to maximize the usage of the space around the router, but as it was not urgent, I haven’t done it yet.

And then we have the filing cabinet, where we have most of our folders. At the bottom there are again some office stuff, with empty plastic covers, folder papers, different kinds of folders, envelopes, cards etc. On the second there are the hubbies study notes (which he hasn’t needed in years but can’t let go, cannot blame him yet, I let go mine only a month ago!) and on the third one there are my thesis notes, more empty folders and some games. On the top we have our personal files and photographs.

I am planning to scan all my personal papers and then get rid of all I can, and save only those that the law states that you need to save (taxes from the last five years), and my diplomas and contracts. The goal is then to have only one folder for ALL of my documents.

So that’s the stuff behind doors and cabinets, I’m happy with this 🙂 In the next part I’ll show you the bookshelf organization.