I had a huge project and after a bit over week, it is finally finished! I already purged so many items from this room during January but while putting items and furnitures in better order, I still managed to get easily rid of tens of things.

Our home office is small and mainly used by the hubbie. He plays computer here, rest of us sometimes just hang around. If we have guests, they usually sleep here on the floor, as many of them are allergic to cats and our cat would sleep with them on the sofa bed.


For a while my mom lived in the room and for few months the little lady slept here too. But after the lady started to sleep with the sir, and my mom in her own apartment, the room soon became the place where we stored stuff that didn’t seem to have a better place.

No wonder it quickly became crowded, disorganized and not so calming place. It’ll take few years still for the room to become “more used” as we have reserved it as the other kid bedroom once they decide they’d like to have some privacy from each other. Meanwhile, I started to worry it’ll become the dumbster of our home. I decided that I’d soon want to deal with the room and make it organized and fit for purpose. I also wanted to reduce the storage space a bit to keep it from getting the place it was before, the home of all things that didn’t have home.


The Office Project was so big that I’m going to divide all the things I made here into several parts. In this part I’ll go through the furniture rearrangement, in the second I’ll show what’s behind the drawers and cabinets, in the third I’ll show you a closer look on the book shelves and in the fourth I’ll show the computer cord organization. On the final part I’ll show the finishing touches I made.


I started by splitting the big book shelf into two separate shelves. It reduced the storage space by one bookshelf. Then I moved the kids desk into the kids room and took a small dresser from there to the office.


The sofa is still on sale, and once gone, I might transfer a chair or the other small sofa from the living room here, or not. We’ll see when the time comes. But now the office is a lot more comfy place to hang around, and I really like how it turned out!

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