I’ve been busy at work and not so busy at home, but still I’ve done nothing. I haven’t been exercising much nor done much for the challenge (which is ok, I have the whole year!). The weather has been depressing, considering that it’s february! It should be the perfect time for skiing, but it’s been raining… water!!!

I’ve had a small flu on me for the whole week and I’ve been really tired. After I get the kids to sleep, I hear just whoozing in my ears (I checked the blood pressure, it’s fine). After having my own evening snack, I’ve just gone to sleep. No simplifying, organizing or even books!

One reason for the tiredness might be that the kids have stopped sleeping late. The little sir is back in his baby habits and wakes up at 6 am! On weekends too! And the little lady also tends to wake up around 7 am instead of the 8-9 am. The lady sleeps one day nap for ~2 hours and falls asleep around 7:30-8 pm. The sir sleeps short day nap at the daycare but not at home, and goes to sleep the same time with the little lady. I know that the reason for the early birdiness is the daynap, but it’s really something we can’t do anything at the moment. He’s too small for the older group, though he hangs with them in daily basis.

It’s really cool thing to have such a small daycare, there’s only two groups: one for younger (small bears) and one for the older (moomins). If there are not many kids, the groups are together. Our little sir enjoys being with them as they have “cooler” toys, and their way of communicating is more challenging (the little sir is advanced in his speech and vocabulary), but he’s still too young for most of their games and would be left out. So until Fall, he’s still a little bear.

Oh well, better early bird than late… Whatever. That’s how I work too, I rather wake up at 6am and get my own time in the evening, and still be able to go to bed early.

Anyway, not much going on here, that’s why it’s been silent.

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