We had a nice long chats with the friend of mine I visited last weekend. We talked about life, family, friends, personal and general, and everything between. We’re both interested in self and life improvement. I got a really good idea for every day life from my friend, that I started to use immediately with the hubbie.

At the end of each day, we tell each other four things from the day:

– The high moment
– The low moment
– What we learned, and
– What we were grateful for

This really helps to finish and wrap up the day, and make the most of it! I’ve started to appreciate even the little things and learn more. I’ve noticed that the positive, nor the negative things don’t have to be big in order to have an impact in our lives. By wrapping up the day in these four questions helps me to leave the negatives behind and make each day count.

Awesome idea I have to say!

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