And finally the biggest improvement for this year I’m going to make. I’m going to take better care of myself, both mentally and physically.

I’ve always read a lot but for the past few years it’s been into zero books. As it relaxes me, I’ve started to read again before going to sleep. It helps me unwind and stop thinking abouth the days events, not to mention work.

I’ve also been, not athletic, but on a move quite a bit. After kids this has been the most drastic change. And now it has started to have an effect on my mental health too, I guess physically I don’t need to say a thing… I noticed that  I was cranky and could’t sleep well. I was feeling down and my back was acing all the time. I felt sloppy and fat. I just wobbled around without the energy to do anything about it or anything.

My chances for going to gym or whatever like that are at the moment low. Financially not possible and as the kids are so small, it stresses me to be away from them before they’re sleeping, and after that it’s too late for me to take the required 2 hours for going to gym (see the sleep part). So I do what I can for free and something that doesn’t take more than an hour. And includes fresh air.

Every week I go for an hour walk with a friend (and her dog, also a mental fix!), and at least once, preferrably twice a week I try to do something else outside. At the moment it’s skiing, it could be jogging, running (I wish!), cycling etc. We’ll see.

Another, maybe not improvement but a necessity I’m going to do more is sleeping. I need a lot of sleep to function well. It’s annoying as it takes so many hours “away” from me, but I’ve learned the hard way that it’s better not to fight against the fact that I just need more sleep than average person. 8 hours a night is minimum, 9-10 optimum. And I try to keep the minimum of 8 for every night, meaning that I need to go to bed at 10 pm. Or before to really feel refreshed.
At the moment I have the luxury of early bed kids (7-7:30 pm!) who most of the time do not keep us up during the night. So this is fairly easy task that requires more mental work, I just need(ed) to accept that I need sleep to be happy.

But the biggest change is pampering myself. I’ve promised that every month I can go to a facial, massage or hair dresser, or something like that. I can and I have to. It costs but I’m teaching myself that I deserve it.

This year I’m going to make myself feel good again about myself. Feel good being me. I believe this is the most important focus as it reflects to everything else. If I’m in balance and feel good inside, I’m able to be better in every other way too.

Big changes, let’s see how things are in December!

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