First month gone with a bit over 800 items with it!

In January we had/bought 40 items. This is the part that really hit me. 40 items??! And this was the result of controlled buying, where I tried to weight what really was needed. No wonder stuff piles up!

This challenge has so far been relieving and enlighting process. I’ve found items I didn’t remember even having, which was a surprise since it’s not been even a year since I last time went through all our stuff! Giving up has been so easy and has not only made the stuff load lighter, but also lifted a weight from my shoulders!

This month has been rewarding progress, we’ve had some money for our spa weekend, and I’ve gotten things back in order. I feel in control of the spaces I’ve gone through!

I’ve notice an immediate effect on the amount of cleaning that I know have to do weekly. Especially on the dusting the time has reduced dramatically! And time for searching items has reduced too with the amount of stress of not finding what is needed!

There is no question in continuing this challenge!

January: 809 items out, 41 items in = 768 items!

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