The 2014 changes continue.

Another aspect of my life that I want to establish this year is family time. Me and the hubbie are and have always been work oriented. We like to work and (most of the time) we like to do what we’re doing at work. Having kids has given us (a healthy) new aspect to think of. At this time when the economical situation is so unstable (this reality has hit us too, unfortunately), it is so good to know there is life outside work. No matter what, the family is still here and it is the core if our lives.


But in real life work takes a huge chunk of our time during the week, we have only few hours to spend with the kids after work, before it’s sleeping time. And making dinner, bathing and feeding the kids (to me) don’t really count as family time. At least not as quality family time.

So we’re trying to have at least short times during the week when we sit on the floor with the kids playing with them, or watch kids show together on the sofa. Just be close and at their level.


But then on the weekends, on sunday after we have finished all the chores for the whole week, we do something together. We all go to a playground, camping, short hike or something else we feel like doing. Watch kids movies (well, the little lady is usually having her nap at movie time as her attention span is way too short for a movie yet!) or play games (again, not yet applying to her). Or we all play together for hour or two. The main thing is that we spend time together, as a family.

The kids are so young still and gow and develop so fast! I already miss so much of this while the kids are at daycare that I want to make most of it when we’re all together. And even once the kids get older, I’d really like to have established even a regular short period of time when we’re all together. To have that bond with the kids even when they start to be closer to adult age, would be amazing!

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