Not about the challenge today, but something else. I have other new things for this year I want to change in my life. First the home.

Home is one of my top priorities to get in order this year. At the end of last year I established a daily routine to take care of our home, both in cleaning and in maintenance. Having an own home means definitely more responibilities and I hate if something breaks because of lack of maintenance or some little things you could have done to prevent it.

Same goes with cleaning. I rather spend 15 min every evening on a cleanup than 4 hours during the weekend. Now my list has chores, categorized as daily (things to do every day, if needed, e.g. laundry (either wash and dry or fold and put away), take out trash, take vitamins (D!) etc.) and the ones happening from weekly to annual basis. These chores are divided to each day so that it requires maximum of ~30 min for one person to finish all of them. And for two 15 min. Every saturday we do a bigger cleanup, but it shouldn’t ever take more than 2 hours, more like an hour if done alone. And this list is done for every week, for the whole year (in finnish).


And this year I’m going to improve that list so that I no longer need to try to think what should be done and when. I could just check the list or even better, I’d know that I wouldn’t even need to check, it would come up in the list once it is its time! So much less stress!

Other good thing about the list is that I no longer need to say to everyone (at the moment only the hubbie) what should be done. I no longer feel the tyrant of the house! Though I’ve always known that hubbie would like to do home maintenace and cleaning, he just doesn’t know what to do. At some point I just got tired to ask every single time. So I didn’t ask and did almost everything on my own. Fail. Creating the list saved my sanity and probably our marriage too! 😀

This list needs mainly updating at the moment so it really doesn’t count as a whole project.

Simplifying is the word. And the 2014 challenge was a great way of establishing this project! This year I want to clear my house so that I can concentrate on living. I want less stuff, less clutter, less cleaning, less maintenance and less stress. I want more peace, more time for family and myself, and easier life!

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