I have finished going through one room completely! Our home office was (is) one of the places where stuff just piles up and we store different kinds of stuff that are not in daily use there. And it really looked like that too!

Once I have an energy burst, I want to move some furnitures in there to have more space. Now we have a huge book shelf (that can luckily be splitted into smaller units), two seated couch, a filing cabinet and two desks with their chairs. Did I mention already how crowded it is??

I have already gone through some easy spots in other rooms too, but now I want to go through everything room by room. It’s easier to control the chaos that way.

I know that the challenge lasts for the whole year and I’m in no hurry, but I’ve had this huge start motivation burst going on and I’m going to take all advantage of it!

This burst (that I’m hoping to last for a while still) has lead me to get rid of total of 607 items! (All things that have come in the house =23 items are substracted from that!)

And here’s one of the things that keeps me motivated:


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