Kids tend to collect a huge amount of toys even though you’d not buy those for them. Toys then tend to be everywhere and this easily creates a mess.

Momentarily this is true. And while the kids are playing, I’m not bothered by the “mess” they make, it’s part of life.

The thing in our house is that every evening the toys are collected and every toy has its own place. And the kids know this and gladly (most of the time) participate in the cleaning process.

We have a playing area inside where all the toys are. We bought a small locker where we have one shelf for the books, one box for dublo blocks, one box for brio train parts and one box for other toys. In addition we have a play oven and there are all the kitchen toys. We also have a small tent as the kids den with few pillows in it. And a two-seated sofa for the older people to sit and watch the kids play 😀


We also have few toys that cannot fit in boxes, two big cars, and a toy parking garage, all which are lifted down only when needed, a “moped”, walking cart (the two of these being outside during summer) and swinging horse (my old) that are always available.


One of the greatest thing about this playing space is that it is connected into the living room (divided by our sofa) and I have an eye contact to it even from the kitchen! But still it is its own designated space, making it easier for the kids too to keep the toys there. However, they are allowed to play anywhere where we are, no restrictions in anything else but where the toys are kept after play!

In the bathroom we have a small string strolley for the bath toys. In the backyard we have a designed area for the toys with a box for the smaller toys.

We also have few kids games and books for older kids, which are at the moment in the home office because the little lady would eat all of them.

We have no toys (except the few stuffed animals as bedtime friends) in the kids bedroom as that room is meant only for sleeping and is so small, there wouldn’t even be space to play!

Once both the kids are old enough (ie when the princess stops eating everything she gets in her hands) I’m going to have ALL the toys in the playing area, no other place. Helps to keep the house in order and have the minimum amount of toys.

I actually have more toys for the kids which I’ve hidden. Few times a year I circulate the toys if the kids get bored on some toys. I’ve actually noticed that the smaller amount of toys the kids have, the more they play with them and are happier!

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