Easy part continues. I have a feeling the first 1000 items will be (surprisingly) easy. The next 500 items need some thinking and the last 514, we’ll see!

Today I almost finished going through one room. Still something left in the office, but today I got rid of the magazines I had stored (for later reading, been there for some years) and most of my old study materials I’d saved in case I’d need to see some basic protocols for lab… Those started to be outdated so I decided it’s time to go. And I have not even once looked on those since the courses were over! But I was surprised, so far giving up on those course materials was the hardest thing I’ve done for this challenge!

I also had a box of decorative stuff I’ve not used, so I marked “to be sold” on the side and put it away.


We have done some shopping too, but no worries, I now have broken the 500 items milestone!

505 items gone! Whoa!

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