Our garage has been the one spot in our home that I hadn’t gone through. During last Spring my mom lived at our house for a short time and as we knew that would most probably happen, when we moved a year ago, we didn’t put basically anything in our garage. That was because my mom stored all her stuff and furnitures in there until she could move to her own apartment.

Then the garage was empty the whole summer and when the Fall started to be finished and we put all the patio furnitures we’d bought in the summer, the bikes etc in there. And it wasn’t so empty anymore. Stuff started to pile up and I got exhausted by just looking in the garage. So I didn’t look there, I avoided the need to go there and if I needed something, I asked the hubbie to go and pick it up.

Oh, and the garage is so small, we haven’t ever kept our car in there, and most probably never will. There is also a tiny space for storage but for us that is crafts space for the hubbie. And organizing that space is still an ongoing project, totally and entirely his project.

Anyway, on Saturday the little sir was at grandmoms place for the day, so I decided to try to get some sense to the garage.


There are two big shelves running on one long and one short wall, and hooks on the other long wall. Behind the curtain is the crafts space. From there you get out to the backyard and from where the pic is taken is the sliding door for the car.

It took four hours of constant moving and replacing, but eventually I got all the stuff in better order. Quite much went straight to carbage, some I put in big boxes to be sold later (in Spring when people start gardening and hanging out at their backyards) and I even found something that belonged to my mom.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, it was just so unorganized. Not the best order and needs still further work, but this was a good start. Now I’m not so repulsed by the garage and I have better sense what’s there.


When Summer comes and we get the outside furnitures and bikes outside, the garage could actually fit a car. And my intention is to keep it that way!

After this, we had total of 418 things gone! Amazing!

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