Another easy day. Books. I’ve always loved books and loved to have books. I still think books are very important for everybody, especially kids! I have always read books but actually haven’t owned many. My source for the first 20 or so years of books was the library.

Then I studied and read so much text books that I just couldn’t read normal books for a while. Then I finished my studies and started to earn some money, and could buy books.

My personal library has never been big and again for few years I haven’t been reading. This time I just haven’t had the energy to read in the evenings as I have just been so tired (the little sir woke up about 10 times a night until a bit over year old, then I was expecting the little lady and I kept falling asleep during the days too). This year I’ve started to finally have myself back and one of my promises for myself this year was to have more time for myself. And reading books is involved in that.

However, as I also want to simplify our life this year, I don’t want to buy books anymore. I’m going to try to get the library back in my life but in the meanwhile I decided to give a try to ebooks on my phone.

I have been really doubtful towards ebooks as reading on the computer screen makes my head ache soon and my eyes get tired. Then I tried kindle reader and few free ebooks on my phone. And it has been great! The screen is small enough that my eyes don’t need to scan back and forth all the time, and though my phone screen is small, the font is not too small. And it remembers where I left, no more missing or misplaced bookmarks. And I guess I don’t even need to say about the space!

We have one big bookshelf in our “home office”, but we have thought to split it in half because the room is quite (too) crowded. And at some point we’d need to remove the bookshelf anyway (when the kids grow and want separate rooms, I know, not happening in few years but still…).

So I first said goodbye to most of my own books. I have to admit, for a while I was holding on to some books. “But I got it as a present… But I’ve had this for so many years! But once older the kids might want to read this… Etc etc.” Then I got a grip of myself. Libraries will exist (I hope forever!) and if in few years the kids, or me, want to read the book, we can lend it from the library.

Some books I still saved (like Finlands wild plant atlas, Finlands bird atlas, Finlands nature atlas, baby books, old guest books and the two old recipe books from the 50s).


The hubbie needs to go through his own personal library still. And I’m keeping all the kids books too. Kids need real books with colorful pictures. Once no pictures are needed, then the kids books can go. Or maybe even earlier when the kids can handle (library) books with the respect the books deserve and need.

Anyway, 61 books are going to go to the online flea market, the ones not sold are going to donation.


The hubbie has a “project garage”, he’s making a craft space for himself and he bought five items for that. Including one meter of rail way. Yes, rail way.

We discussed how the things he’s buying or salvaging for his crafts are counted and we ended up with this solution: as the stuff cannot be basically used as their own, they will be counted as one item if he’s getting the stuff to build one thing. Example: he’s making a cabinet, so all the boards, screws and knobs etc are counted as one (except a box of nails would be one unless you’d use all of them on the cabinet). But then he asked what about if he buys two extension cords and puts them together, is it one? My logic said no, because those can be used separately. So it would be two. Got it? Am I right?

Anyway, now we’re in total of 270!

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