Oh my gosh, the weekend was a success! I managed to have an hour yesterday without the kids (they were home but one was sleeping and other was watching tv with grandmom) and decided to go on with one of the easy “get-rid-offs”. The dvd’s.

We actually haven’t even had a dvd player ever but used PS3 to watch them. And that was like three years ago (random movies once-twice a year don’t count). So I said to the hubbie, I’m going to sell the dvd’s. He agreed with me, especially since we both think that dvd’s (in our family) start to be history, as we all watch the movies/shows from Netflix anyway.

So I started to put the easiest (tv-series’) online (our local internet flea market has its own handy smartphone application!). I was just typing in the third box set I had, when I had the first call. He said he saw that the first box appeared online a minute ago, then he saw the second dvd box and thought more would be coming, and that he’d be interested on what I had. And he bought it all! +30 dvd’s gone!

I took a look and realized he might be interested on my movies too and gave him a call. He was so happy, and bought ALL my movies too! Another +30 dvd’s gone!


It was a good deal for both of us. He saved me the trouble on typing all of them to the online flea market and I could just dump everything in one big bag. Easy! And he got them on a really good prize, which for me was just fine, a better prize I’d ever gotten from a second hand shop. Which in our town don’t even take movies/tv-series’ older than what’s now on sale.

Total of 214 things gone!

(Okay, I saved LOTR movies and the few blurays we had…)

Ps. I decided to set up a cup for the money I get from selling all the stuff and at the end of the year, whether or not we finish the challenge, we’re going use the money on something non-material fun! Like a day/weekend in a spa! What a reward! 🙂 and the hubbie immediately came with a name I’m going to put on the jar:


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