I sold yesterday all the toys I put online, yay!

Today I continued with the easy stuff. I actually had already put aside the clothes the little lady had outgrown. Last fall I sold the smallest clothes so now I had only one size too small stuff, of which some I already had donated last month to a friend.

However, I had some small winter overalls and skirts hanging in the closet. Friend of our family had a baby girl last month, so I’m going to offer the clothes for her first, and keep the rest until summer. Then our lady should have outgrown one size, and maybe the little sir too. We have this great second hand shop for kids stuff in our town that prizes, sells and afer 6 weeks donates the unsold stuff to kids in orphanages in Russia. And of the sold items you get ~50%. With the last bunch of clothes I got over 100€!

I got few kids clothes from a friend, so I have to substarct that from todays stuff.


Now I have 113 things gone!

I still have some easy places to look for the excess stuff, but after that, it’s going to get harder…

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