I took advantage on my inspiration to simplify our life, and went through my nail polishes (eek!). This was quite a big deal from me but I have to admit, I do have too much of those. So I selected all the ones I didn’t like, didn’t like so much or were somehow unusable on their own. And for my shame I have to add, some of these I haven’t even tried ever, making those basically brand new! And the rest I’ve tried once…


30 nailpolishes, that I’m going to give away! (If you want them, I will give them to you, or send if you pay the mailing costs ;)) I’ll try to sell these in a flea market later this year if no-one picks them up first.

After taking this pic I actually found one more nail polish and five nail art pens that I added to the give away bag (I promise, the bag is shut and no nail polishes come out from it for my use anymore!). So, 36 items out, it makes

54 things out this year!