Very Happy New Year!

The year has changed and I have lots in my mind. This year I’m going to continue to get more organized in my life. At the end of last year I started to incorporate a daily checklist for our household to clean and maintain our home. It worked a lot better than I expected and I’m going to continue using and improving it.

This year I’ll try to simplify things and to get started, I’m going to participate in the 2014 things challenge! I don’t dare to be all in, but my goal is to get 2014 items out from our house by the end of this year!

I did a huge clean up last summer and felt so much better after I got rid of so much stuff (sold in flea market or donated to friends, relatives or charity). So I will start simplifying our life by continuing to get rid of all the excess stuff!

Having two small kids makes this a lot easier than it sounds as especially the little lady will grow few sizes this year and the baby toys will become useless! That’s why my secret ultimate goal is to be “all in”, but I’m letting myself a little escape route by not saying it out loud 😉

Anyway, I started the challenge today and got a diaper box full of baby clothes to be given to a friend, who has a due date tomorrow!

18 things out!