As I wrote in the previour post, life is busy now that I’m back at work. And since my husband is back at work too (he was on a paternity leave for 1,5 months), life is even busier!

I have to say that I don’t have so much time on things, especially on baking, anymore. I still bake once or twice a week, but the baking is nowadays quick and easy, and I tend to forget to take even pictures! And what comes to my other hobby, nails, I still do those too few times a week, but have even less time to write posts or take pics, or do anything more than just apply some color.

So I’ve come to a decision to stop blogging for a while, or at least not blogging regularly anymore.

I do have a plan for next year but if it happens, it’ll be in finnish. If I manage to do something pretty (baking or nails), I will post it here though 🙂

So see you later, have a nice rest of the year and have amazing next year!