I’ve been dreaming on these cupcakes for so long…

First, I introduce you to salmiakki. It’s this traditional finnish salty (or sweet) candy, that you (or we) either hate or love. And I love it. It’s not liquorish, it’s basically liquorish with ammonium chloride (and you do turn grey if you eat too much of these!).

kynsileipo 0913 045_1

Anyway, I ordered online salmiakki syrup and added it to the frosting (I think I could eat the syrup just as it is, it tastes so good!) and some Turkish pepper salmiakki crush in the dough. The recipe is the basic recipe.

kynsileipo 0913 044_1

I also ordered some ready to roll icing (from Renshaw), though it was easier to handle than marshmallow fondant, it doesn’t taste nearly as good, so I guess I’ll be still doing my own fondant… Though for quick decorations it was good, in addition to easy to mold, it dried really fast.