One evening me and my husband sat down to make an emergency number sheet to be laminated for us. We did this just in case something happens, the most probably needed numbers and information are immediately available, for everyone. Even for us, since if you’re in panic, you might not even remember your own name.

Obviously we did this sheet in finnish, but as one of our daughters “god parent” doesn’t speak finnish, we did the same in english, in case she sometimes is at our house looking after the kids.

The sheet has the following information:

  • Emergency number
  • Poison control center number (24h)
  • Vet number (24h)
  • Our address and coordinates
  • The recidents’ information
    • adults names, personal phone numbers and working place
    • kids names, date of birth and daycare place
    • pets name and date of birth
  • Grandparents’ information
    • name, phone number, city and english level (latter only in the english version)
  • Other information (this is blank and if we’re e.g. in a vacation, we write it here with a sharpie and then wipe it off)


We keep this sheet in a noticeboard, where we also have our family calendar etc.

The layout for the sheet is copied from this blog (emergency notebook):


Note, I have smudged out all the personal information from this, it cannot be encrypted from these, so no worries, our privacy is protected 🙂