We don’t usually travel a lot or very long distanses with our car, so we usually don’t have much extra with us. This is why I’ve packed a small “survival kit” for the kids to be kept in the car at all times. Nothing big or fancy, but really needed if the kids happen to have “an accident” in the car.


This kit has excange clothes, diapers, wipes and cloths. The bag is a free bag I got from the hospital when we got the baby girl. I update the kit every time I update the clothes at home (i.e. when the clothes get small).


  • 3 diapers for the 1-year old
  • exhange clothes for the 1-year old
      • pants
      • socks
      • shirt
      • stockings
  • 2 diapers for the 3-year old
  • exchange clothes for the 3-year old
      • pants
      • socks
      • shirt
      • stockings
  • wet wipes
  • 2 cotton cloths
  • 2 packs of tissues
  • plastic bag (for trash)
  • fabric bag (for laundry)



When I first made this kind of kit for our car (3 years ago), I didn’t think it as a survival kit or in preppers eyes, but my husband has gotten intrest in this thing and slowly I’ve started to think about this too. I guess this thing is so natural to me, I some time ago browsed some blogs and realized I have an inner prepper in me, it’s always me who has the painkillers, bandaids, scissors etc that other people (friends, family, co-workers, earlier co-students) need! 😀