Hmph, shouldn’t do manicures when tired, but what can you do if you just have to update the nails and it’s getting late? I thought graffiti was the answer but not this time. I did like the idea and the colors though, too bad the end result wasn’t so good…


I really liked the black polish, it was something I haven’t used before. The cheap pink nail polish I knew was wonderful, covers really well so I put only one layer (should have put two as you can see below).


The black graffiti nail polish contracted the pink layer, should have had another layer of the base color! And obviously I was too tired to see even the smudges on my fingers, I thought I had been really clean on adding the nail polishes 😀


essie nourish me (2 layers), technic gun metal (2 layers), golden rose matte 01, flormar graffiti G08, IsaDora graffiti black tag, essie no more chips ahead