One day I made one of my long time wishes true. I bought a Dymo. And ever since I’ve been so happy! 60 euros, totally not wasted! (plus the tapes)

I’ve always been quite organized person and love having things at their own place, and like to find what I’m looking for immediately. But as it is a rule of the nature, things always go towards to chaos. And this happened to us too.

In January we moved quite suddenly and because of this we didn’t really pack our stuff properly (or go through them, luckily it was not so long ago that we had done that) and when the stuff came in to our new house, the main goal was to get them out of the way. So we just put them at least close to the place where they’d belong.

I tried to organize stuff during the spring but doing this with two small kids isn’t so easy, or fast. And the spring and summer were so hectic, I basically didn’t do any proper cleaning either!

Then my mom moved to us for a while, and we had her stuff in the cabinets too. In July she finally was able to move to her apartment, and things started to get back to normal. And I started to have this urge to get back to organized state. So I went to buy the Dymo and started going through our cabinets and labeled what should be and where.

I spent three weeks doing this (still with the kids home, but this time my husband was home too because of the summer vacations) and now, finally, all and every one of our cabinets is in order! My husband was quite happy of this too, he likes the same kind of organizational state that I do, but the difference is, he’s not excited enough to actually do this 😀 I don’t yet know about the most little one but our son (2,5 y) has always wanted to put stuff in their right place and likes to have things clean. So to us this is quite natural and welcome. Too bad I was so excited to finally to do this, and didn’t take any before-pictures. But let me say, it was a mess!

I’m so proud of myself that I managed to do this clean up, that I want to show it too. At the same time, I’m giving a tour to our house, though I have to say, it is not yet fully us, there’s space for paintings etc, but we just haven’t yet found those yet. One of the main reasons we decided to buy this house was the amount of cupboards in the house. We have more cupboards I’ve ever seen in any other house, and I’m so happy about it!

In this first organization post I’ll show you our kitchen. Ok, so to the pics (labels are in Finnish). The first pi is the front of our kitchen and the second is the back.

kitcorg160813 013_1

I still should do something to the Mocca Monster and water boiling thingie cords, I also charge my phone in there so the cords get messed up easily… The round table is a “breakfast table” but we cannot fit on that in any way, but it is great for serving food when having parties! It’s also at the just right height for a two year old to keep hitting his head in it (one day he hit it and came to me “what has mommy warned me about…” 😀 ). The handles on the doors are not totally me but they fit well in to the kitchen so at least for now I’m not even planning to change those. Oh, and the previous owners renovated the kitchen in 1998, so it is quite old already but they have kept a good care of it so it’s in a really good shape!

In the freezer door I have a menu planned for a month (I’ll come back to this later if you wish) making grocery shopping listing easy.

kitcorg160813 011_1

One (and so far the only) thing I don’t so much like in our kitchen is the fridge/freezer combination. I like the more “modern” fridges, as it feels to me that you can fit more in those than in this older one. But so far we have not thought of changing this, so it is what it is. Oh, and we have another freezer too in our dining room.

kitcorg160813 001_1

kitcorg160813 006_1

You cannot really see fully what’s in the cabinets and drawers, but you should get the point. I’ve organized the kitchen so, that the baking stuff is at the back on left side (because I bake on that counter),

kitcorg160813 002_2

kitcorg160813 003_1

the food stuff is up (so that the kids don’t go there) and close to the oven,

kitcorg160813 004_1

the kitchen ware is in the one corner cabinet (easy to get those from there and spacious enough for them),

kitcorg160813 007_1

the cooking stuff and plates etc are at the dining room side of the kitchen (easy to set the table)

kitcorg160813 005_1

kitcorg160813 009_1

and in the “hard-to-get” cabinets are the stuff that are not in daily use. Also, the cat food is close to the place where she eats.

kitcorg160813 010_1

I try to keep the shelves above the kitchen sink empty, so that if I need to wash something by hands, it has space to dry. Below the sink we have the trash cans (we do recycle) and dishwasher powder tablets.

kitcorg160813 014_1

So this is our kitchen, and I love it! I also love it because it’s open and you can see right to the dining room, to living room and to the corridor 🙂