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I wanted to continue on white background on my nails, and do something colorful and fresh. I’ve wanted to do some polka dots too, so I combined these. I tried to stamp only half of the nails but failed on this, red nail polish on a red stamp is not easy to see (I need to get a white stamp too). I tried to salvage the plan by adding some rhinestones, and I was really happy with the result!

kynnet 290713 034_1

The Delia nail polish is some cheap brand I bought when I started to do some nail art two years ago. I really like the consistency of the nail polish, it’s easy to apply and dries relatively quickly. Though if the base coat hadn’t been white, I’d needed a third layer to get deep enough color.

kynnet 290713 043_1

Of the colors I chose for the stamping, only the orange one worked fine, others were a bit too thin. Though I’m not sure if the design on this Bundle Monster plate was so good either, since I had smudges in all my nails…

kynnet 290713 040_1

L’oreal 7 in 1 saviour (2 layers), Delia No.1 202 (2 layers), Orly Sec’n dry, Gosh blissful (stamping), Essie cute as a button (stamping), Lumene natural code groovy (stamping), Gina tricot beauty nails rose glitter, L’oreal exoticcanaries (stamping), Orly Sec’n dry, rhinestones and BM19

Btw, the L’oreal  7 in 1 saviour has been a really good base coat, it actually seems to do some good to my nails! I’ve used it as a few weeks treatment, it has helped my nails to grow! This is the first time I actually see some difference, though I haven’t used any nourishing base coats this systematically before. Need to take a habit of this.