I earlier mentioned that I’m planning to do some organizing on my nail polishes, I was inspired my Belegwen. Before I stored my nail polishes in a big tool box but it bugged me that I couldn’t easily see the colors, so I tended to forget what I have and usually ended up using the most new nail polishes I’d bought. Also I ran out of space in that box.

kynnet 290713 003_1

But now (finally) I got my nail polish stash in efficient order! My husband built me the shelves from wood and I painted them white.

kynnet 290713 001_1

The box is bought from Ikea and I painted that too white.

kynnet 290713 006_1

I store my stickers and stamping plates in a photograph folder, and fimos etc in small tool boxes.

kynnet 290713 007_1

I love how I can see all my nail polishes at once, it makes planning so much easier!

In the “Black Box” I have the nail polishes I haven’t used yet, it is quite full at the moment, though I’ve managed to empty it somewhat (so that I could actually fit all the new polishes there, hehe).

kynnet 290713 011_1

I still plan buying those wheels to store the fimos and rhinestones better…

But I’m so inspired at the moment 🙂