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I had a nice vision but it turned out to suit more for the christmas! Oh well, it seems that I’m not the only one, I’ve seen similar “accidents” in other blogs too 😀 All the colors were from the black box (meaning there’s now some space 😉 ).

cake_kynnet 010713 015_1

The silver nail polish was great! The blue bug was only green in my nails, though maybe used in whole nail it might have had the blue tint too (I do see it in the bottle!). Green and red nail polishes were strong enough to cover with one layer, should work for stamping too!

cake_kynnet 010713 041_1

L’oreal 7 in 1 saviour (2 layers), Gina tricot beauty nails silver (2 layers), Orly Sec’n dry, Gina tricot beauty nails blue bug, Orly Sec’n dry, OPI you only live twice, Orly Sec’n dry and stickers

cake_kynnet 010713 045_1

The tape I used is ages old and doesn’t obviously work so well… Need to find some other tape for this! (And my base coat is missing from the pic as my mom had it.)