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Quite clever title, huh? I have to say even though this was the third time I’ve used these “new” glitter polishes, I love them so much! Though the removal is laborious, so I’ve decided to use them mostly as accents. I’m usually not a big fan of white nail polishes but I really like this one, it is kind of silverish, though one down side is that the brush strokes can be seen…

kynnet 280713 005_1

Initially I had something different in my mind but as I did these nails in three different times in a day, in the middle I forgot what I had planned. I had planned to do more colorful stamps (to match with the glitter) but grabbed the black konad polish and remembered my original plan when I was half through done. I tried to salvage my plan by adding matching rhinestones.

kynnet 280713 021_1

I do like the end result though these are more elegant, not playful like I planned.

kynnet 280713 015_1

L’oreal 7 in 1 saviour (2 layers), wild mild CU soon (2 layers), Sally Hansen insta dri, beauty nails purple multi glitter, konad pearl black  (stamping), Sally Hansen insta dri and rhinestones, BM 12