I know this theme is so old already, 4th of July was last week, but I didn’t have time to compose this post before!

Friend of mine had her birthday combined with her friend, and since 4th of July was in between their birthday (and her friend is from US), the theme was America. I did similar nails to my friend too as a birthday gift, too bad I didn’t take pics of those. Her nails were more blue and I used different design for the stars.

leipo_kynsi 0713 037_1

L’oreal 7 in 1 saviour (2 layers), OPI You only live twice (2 layers), Rimmel nail tip whitener, We Care Magic santorini (2 layers), Wild mild silver shower (3 layers), Konad white, Orly sec’n dry, BM21

leipo_kynsi 0713 015_1

The silver nail polish smelled so bad!!! Though I loved the end result, the smell was so bad that next time I’ll try to find some other nail polish for similar purposes… First I tried to add the stripes from a stamping plate too (BM20) but they smudged all the time and since I love the OPI you only live twice, I didn’t want to cover too much of it. So I ended up doing single stripe.