I had a really cool vision in my head. Bright orange and green, with graffiti. I had found all the ingredients for these on sale last week.

kynnet27270713 002_1

The green wasn’t really my color but I really liked the orange. Both strong colors so they’ll be perfect for stamping! Then I put on the graffiti. Not good. Not good at all. I hate these nails!

kynnet27270713 009_1

The orange graffiti was so pale, green one was better. But with this combination my fingers reminded me of zombie fingers! I hated these so much I removed them instantly after taking the pics. And I had put this “cool” combination even on my toes! Awful, just awful!

I didn’t even bother to clean up the graffiti mess from my fingers for the pics!

kynnet27270713 005_1

L’oreal 7 in 1 saviour, Rimmel 046 shout out loud, flormar graffiti G04, Rimmel 054 you’re a cracker, flormar graffiti G06, essie no more chips