I am usually quite late with my new things, and magnetic nail polishes are no exception. I did notice them a year ago when they came to Finland but at the time I was pregnant and nail polish remover made me nauseous, so I didn’t polish my nails so much at the time. Then I kind of forgot the whole thing and woke up again some time ago. And went to buy my first magnetic nail polish.

kynnet250613 003_1

L’oreal saviour 7 in 1 (2 layers), Sally Hansen magnetic 905Red-y response (2 layers), Sally Hansen Insta dri

kynnet250613 009_1

I had bigger plans for my nails (decorations) but after I had applied the magnetic nail polish, I had a similar wow! effect I had when I first tried graffiti nail polish few years ago. I liked this new thing so much I didn’t want to add anything more, I just want to enjoy these nails as they are 🙂

And I finally took the pics with my Canon and got so excited, I did some editing (just added borders and watermark using pixlr)! I’m so proud of myself!